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Let us take care of your pets sensitive areas

If you have an animal that requires sanitary area cleaning, we can help you get it trimmed up

Troubled areas

Safe for your pet

Staying relaxed

Your animal may be one of the many that frequently grow hair around their genitals and the region around the anus. Let us help make them more comfortable by cutting it.

These areas are very sensitive and if clipped or cut improperly, your animal can suffer from a wide range of injuries or infections. Trust this job to our expert groomers.

Don't worry about your animal being uncomfortable or scared during this process. Our trained staff know how to keep your pet calm and relaxed throughout the clean-up.

Proper equipment

Great hygiene

Many groomers try to cut around these areas with the wrong size blades. This can lead to a wide range of problems or an incomplete job. We always use the right sized trimmers.

The area where your pet defecates from can become extremely messy and stinky if not properly taken care of. You'll never know they even went to the bathroom with our grooming.

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